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About Visolit

Visolit was launched as a new brand on January 21st, 2019, and replaced TeleComputing and their acquisitions through 2018. TeleComputing changed its name while incorporating five new additions into the same company. These are Keystep, 99x, Digisys, Excanto and Lanteam

The market has changed a lot since we started in 1997. Customer needs have changed entirely and we have been in continuous development all the way.

After developing the company through organic growth and acquisition of critical expertise, it became natural to think of a new shared identity. We wanted a new name that could tell more about which company we have robust and what we deliver to our customers.

Visolit is a constructed name, inspired by the phrase  "We solve IT". The name alludes to the fact that we take responsibility for solving the customer's challenges and providing the best advice that can be found. It is no coincidence that the first two letters of a new brand name spell the Norwegian word for we. We work together with our customers, and our motto is "Every challenge needs a partner". We provide services and advice within a broad area of expertise that makes us a reliable partner within technology development, digitisation and the road towards the cloud. At the same time, the name refers to both solid that draws the lines back to the solid business we come from, and that trust is the key to everything we do.

Today Visolit is a fast-growing technology group that has strengthened its geographical presence in the Nordic region, expanded its share of public customers, secured further industry knowledge and strongly positioned itself as a partner for digital transformation in the Nordic market. The strengthened position includes a significantly expanded service portfolio within consulting, security, integrations, and products.

Visolit is owned by IK Investment Partners.

Every challenge needs a partner
Visolit's motto is «Every challenge needs a partner», and no matter what challenges our customers face, they should know that Visolit is a partner to trust. We believe in the potential of embracing and sharing knowledge, the strength of achieving something together and the opportunities that lie in development and change.
Therefore, our core values are Embrace knowledge, Achieve together and Empower change.
Our vision and values

Innovative and revolutionary

Visolit has extensive experience in delivering quality solutions to the Nordic market, and ever since our inception in 1997, we have provided companies with business value in an ever-changing technology concept. Visolit was the first to deliver IT operations via the internet, and over the years we have gained a unique position as a cloud supplier with a strong industry knowledge that benefits our customers.