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Cloud services

IT - from support function to part of corporate DNA

Utilising IT for business development requires business leaders to understand the capabilities of technology.

Visolit, the Nordic region's leading supplier of cloud services, is a frontrunner in expanding in correlation with the digital transformation. Digitisation makes the IT function strategically crucial for business growth and progress and places the industry in the limelight.

Sweden has good prospects for using the possibilities of digitisation, but both the pace of change and the driving force for restructuring must increase within companies. Here, the IT industry is given an important role, as in many ways it will be the driving force for development in the business sector going forward, ”says CEO of Visolit, Terje Mjøs.

Although there is a lot of discussion about digitisation, Mjøs considers that the level of digitalisation and IT expertise is generally too low for today's managers. Companies that want to be leaders must have top executives who understand the possibilities of technology. As digitalisation draws in an increasing number of companies, several companies also demand cloud services in various variants as a platform for digital transformation.

-The most successful businesses are using a cloud platform to develop their business, but many companies risk missing out on these crucial business opportunities. Companies must continuously improve and innovate. Cloud services are an essential part of the toolbox for good business development. Cloud services are flexible, scalable and have an almost endless capacity. These features allow you to have good cost control while increasing the pace of innovation and generating new revenue. This transformation is what is essential for businesses that want to assert themselves in the competition business development is the key.

According to the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth, businesses use digitalisation primarily as a tool for efficiency improvement. Over 60% use IT for administration, while only 14% use digital solutions for furthering business development. -I believe in continued strong growth in the market ahead, and we are well-equipped to help our customers in this hybrid cloud service world. We, as private individuals, are also driving digitalisation, the business sector is only a terminal to fulfil the needs we humans have created.

Security is becoming increasingly important, according to leading decision makers. Many managers fear IT attacks more than they fear a financial crisis. Therefore, it is even more critical with good IT solutions and good partners to handle any security challenges, explains Terje Mjøs. -The companies need a partner who can help them when the time is ripe to move to the cloud and digitise their business. Everyone is concerned with digitisation, either now or in the future. What is important for many is to associate with a partner who can help them when the time is ripe. Our motto is Every challenge needs a partner, so no matter which IT challenge the customer is facing, they should know that Visolit is a partner to trust. This applies to technology development and digitisation, as well as the road to the cloud, says Mjøs.

According to the analysis agency Gartner (2018), an increasing number of decision-makers consider IT to be strategically important for the companies' growth opportunities. Figures show that the top three leadership priorities are profitability, growth and IT. A total of 31% say that IT is strategically important. It is the highest number since Gartner introduced the survey, which shows that IT is becoming increasingly vital for the businesses' success. Over 61% of all managers also expect increased investments in IT. Digitisation is a fact to relate to in all industries.

BI Norwegian Business School's Center for Digitisation defines digitisation as the transformation from IT as a support function to a part of the organisation's DNA. This means that enterprise model, organisation and processes should be designed to take advantage of today's and tomorrow's technology.

Visolit has recently grown strongly through a number of acquisitions.
What is the plan ahead?

The trend in the market, of more and more digitisation, means that, in addition to our organic development, we have sought environments that make us a stronger partner in the digitisation journey. In this way, we become even stronger in cloud services, security, integrations, and transformation, in addition to the prominent new trends AI and IoT. We will continue to seek opportunities that further strengthen us as the customer's most important partner, concludes Terje Mjøs. 

Tekst: Anna Bjäranäs