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Cloud Consulting & Advisory

Fuel your organizations growth with Visolit’s cloud consulting services.

Cloud Consulting and Advisory    

From cloud strategy, consulting, design and deployment  

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Support your business vision by modernizing IT  

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Access to professional skills, experience and methodologies  

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Plan, implement, and adopt the best mix of cloud services  

Business Innovation


Visolit provides your organization with consultancy and advisory to analyze the potential in modernizing and digitalizing your business processes and implement a strategy with actions to achieve your business goals.

In close partnership, we enable you to improve the quality and efficiency of your business, and to enhance your competitive edge. A team of highly skilled and experienced consultants and advisors analyzes your existing processes, identifies opportunities as well as challenges, and recommends plans and actions to modernize your processes.

Data Analytics 

Driven by the powerful Azure Data Platform and presented through Microsoft Power BI, we provide you with a flexible data analytics platform that quickly incorporates new data sources, data systems and capabilities. 

Our experts will unite all your data and manage your setup end-to-end, meeting the data demands of all stakeholders across your organization.  

Pool your data from multiple sources: on-premises, SaaS and cloud, and turn it into rich, visual reporting – creating a single source of truth for your teams. Visolit Data Analytics delivery of support for building data platforms within data platforms on SQL Server, Oracle with analysis and presentation in Qlik and PowerBI. 


Business Process Digitalization  

Our Consultants within Business applications & Data Platform have solid knowledge to advise on how your business processes can be streamlined and digitalized using Dynamics 365.  

Our core experience related to Dynamics 365 focus particularly within Marketing, Sales, Support and Field services. 



Cloud Adoption 

Visolit provides Consulting & Advisory services within IT strategy, architecture, and design, as well as development and establishment of appropriate solutions and services based on cloud services. 

We recommend our customers to start the process by conducting a Cloud Assessment and Planning workshop, which enables you to see the opportunities in the cloud and to find the right combination for how you can achieve your business goals.  

Our advisors help you design a plan to implement a platform that supports your business goals. With this approach, we assure the delivery of an optimal platform for your IT budget and aspirations going forward. 

Cloud Security 


Our experienced Consultants advise you on all security aspectsensuring a safe Cloud Journey. 

As you consider cloud services, it is critical to understand the shared responsibility model: Which security tasks are handled by the cloud provider and which tasks need to be handled by you?  

The responsibilities vary depending on whether the workload is delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) or Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

Cloud Deployment  

Our Cloud Deployment experts advise the customer how to deploy applications and services through one or more hosting models, (SaaS, PaaS and/or IaaS), that leverage the cloud, including architecting, planning, implementing, and operating these workloads. 

As you move to the cloud, choosing the correct hosting model becomes crucial to fulfill your business goals. To leverage the strengths of cloud platforms, like elasticity, scalability, redundancy and price models, these choices are very important. Our highly skilled advisors help you make these choices based on years of experience. 


Integration Consultancy   

Through iBiz Solutions, an integration specialist company within the Visolit family, we help our customers to create manageable solutions that enables innovation.  

Leverage the full potential of cloud resources by enhancing connectivity between existing applications. We rely on a solid integration framework and architecture based on Azure Integration Services platform and Biztalk, and include the following services:

  • Planning and consulting
  • Framework for integration
  • Architecture for integration solutions and platforms
  • Development of integration solutions
  • DevOps and automation
  • Management and monitoring of integration solutions and platforms


Azure Integration Services 

We have extensive knowledge and experience with the Azure Integration Services platform, which mainly consists of the four following components: 

  • API Management, which provides an API service
  • Logic Apps, for organizing business processes, workflows and more
  • Service Bus, gives you reliable company messages
  • Event Grid, makes it possible to raise and deliver events 

With the various components, we can create complete solutions for integrating both cloud-based and local applications and services.




BizTalk Server  


Our consultants also have extensive experience with BizTalk Server, from large and complex integration projects within enterprise organizations, to simpler projects in smaller businesses. 

To streamline the consultancy with BizTalk Server, we have developed several overarching processes supporting architecture and delivery. This ensures high quality and precision in delivery. 

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Trusted by leading organisations

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