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Cloud Management

Ensure that security, cost, sizing and stability of your Cloud Services are optimally managed.

Cloud Management Services  

Designed to support your business goals 

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Proactive management  

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Control and Optimization  

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Security, cost, stability and sizing  

Security Control and Optimization

This service analyzes the security state of your
 Azure and Microsoft 365 environment, helps you to detect security risks and vulnerabilities, and advises on how to continuously improve the security through increased visibility and control. 

When identifying potential security vulnerabilities, Visolit provides recommendations which will be presented in periodical reports, supported by Visolit Cloud Advisory consultants, depending on agreed service level. 

Some recommendations will be easy to implement, while others may lead to larger change projects with an increased need for security-related licenses, depending on your security requirements. 

Cost Control and Optimization

This service analyzes
 all your Cloud components and workloads and advises proactively how you can optimize the costs related to your Cloud Solutions based on configuration, usage and trending.   

The recommendations are presented in periodically  reports and supported by Visolit Cloud Advisory consultants, depending on agreed service level.






Performance Optimization

There is great value in monitoring the performance of the resources used in the cloud, and continuously optimize your solution according to business needs. 

This service will give you recommendations that will help improve the speed and responsiveness of your business-critical applications.


SaaS Management 

Through this service Visolit provides you with management of SaaS applications. This can include user access management, escalation to application providers, and management of Single Sign on.  

Visolit can also keep track of SaaS renewals and report on applications in need of renewal or retirement decisions.  

Integration Management 

By managing, administering, and maintaining your integration services, Visolit handles your incidents before they become a problem
 for your organization.  

Visolit integration management services provide great flexibility, from supporting your organization to administrating your integrations as a comprehensive service, including all aspects related to integration management. 



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  • "Together with Visolit, we are strengthening the capacity in our networks and the quality of our own data, as well as increasing the security". Karen Ristebråten, Head of IT and digital development at Hunton.
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  • "Customer Service is essential to us, as we are a global operatør with activity 24/7. We depend on a professional and knowledgeable customer service which is always available." Martin Hjelle, Head of Technology and Digital Strategy in Western Bulk.
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  • "Strong relations and working closely as partners, has been essential for the success of the gPower Project." Svend Magnus Pettersen manages the Subsurface operations in Ross Offshore
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Find out how we can help you optimise your infrastructure so you can continue to grow, prosper, and build up your competitive edge.

GDPR for Microsoft Cloud Services

GDPR for Microsoft Cloud Services is regulated by an Online Services Terms (OST) agreement

This agreement also includes information about what Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is stored within the Microsoft services and how it is stored.