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Accountor Norway

Accounting with effective IT support

Accountor is the master of dealing with many and large numbers. However, the finance company likes to have as few points of contact as possible for its IT support.

Stig.jpgSecurity, scalability and uptime, says Stig Valhovd. The Director of ICT and Service Development in Accountor does not hesitate to describe what Northern Europe's largest company in financial and advisory services has as absolute requirements for its IT systems.

- Accounting, payroll and advisory services are constantly being streamlined and improved thanks to new digital services. Our daily operations are critically dependent on a reliable IT platform, Valhovd explains.

To meet this requirement, the company chose to outsource IT operations in Norway to Visolit. The collaboration has now lasted for a number of years.


- Accountor has a centralized operating agreement with us. That means that in practice we take care of most things that concern their IT platform, explains Terje Pfefferkorn, the Southern Regional Director of Visolit. With over 70 offices all over Norway, and customers who can effectively work and communicate through common digital solutions, the requirement for uptime is high. At the same time, security and digital business development require continuous adaptation of the IT system.

- We manage professional applications and deliver tailor-made solutions for all IT products an accounting office needs to work. Be it a financial system, salary, reporting, order, logistics and analysis, explains Terje Pfefferkorn.

The long collaboration with Accountor has meant that Visolit today has in-depth knowledge of the accounting industry's digital needs.

- Visolit was chosen as a partner when we were to establish a new common ICT platform. Our current form of cooperation has lasted since 2013. We experience Visolit as a partner with a high level of expertise and a great understanding of our industry's requirements and needs. Be it through technical solutions, efficiency improvements and business development. We are particularly pleased to have so-called "single-point-of-contact" when our users need help or assistance. This means that our inquiries do not float around on different helpdesks, but get specific follow-up quickly via one central point of contact, says Stig Valhovd.


"We experience Visolit as a partner with a high level of expertise and a great understanding of our industry's requirements and needs." - Stig Valhovd, Director of ICT and service development in Accountor.
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