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ACOS’s cloud journey with Visolit as partner

IT company ACOS has got off to a good start on its cloud journey together with Visolit as a strategic partner. In recent years, there has been an increasing demand for software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions among public and government actors. This is why ACOS decided early on to convert its products to cloud-based solutions on Microsoft’s Azure platform.

ACOS is a market-leading software company with over 20 years of experience from the development and implementation of software for the public and private sector. As Visolit, ACOS focuses on cloud computing. The company started preparations two years ago by rigging its production environment to the cloud platform Azure with Visolit as a partner.

“Our collaboration with Visolit goes back a long way,” says Kenneth Glesnes, Head of Cloud Operations at ACOS. “When we were migrating our applications to Azure, we benefited greatly from Visolits advice and expertise.”


Increased demand for cloud services

Glesnes points to significant development in the market in recent years. Both public and private actors demand cloud solutions and the ability to purchase SaaS.

“Those who work with softwareKenneth Glesnes development and off-the-shelf solutions have noticed a strong shift towards cloud services,” says Glesnes. “The market demands new and better ways for software delivery. They want the opportunity to log in and have access to everything they need in one place.”

Therefore, ACOS made a strategic choice and began to work on developing new delivery models for its services. This means it can meet market demand and offer its customers what they actually want.

“Today, all tenders are about the cloud,” says Torstein Dyrkolbotn, Sales Manager at ACOS. “The organizations we work with want the delivery as a cloud service or at least to have it as an option. Therefore, we have adapted our software portfolio to match other cloud solutions and cloud platforms.”


An agile and efficient process

ACOS chose Visolit as a trusted partner for its cloud journey. Hallvard Eide, Solution Architect and consultant at Visolit, has worked closely with ACOS throughout the process and emphasises the importance of the good cooperation as key to project success.

“We have structured the work through a number of short, intensive workshops,” says Eide. “In those workshops, we have guided ACOS through important choices and given advice. All feedback has been processed before moving on to the next area. Along the way, the process has been documented in Azure DevOps. This is how the cloud journey has been built - step by step, workshop by workshop. It has worked very well.”

Visolit's solution architects and ACOS' technical expertise have been present throughout a number of intensive workshops, leading to an agile and efficient organization, with decision meetings every other day. Solutions have been carefully documented before implementation to ensure efficient and time saving progression.


Increased security level

In the future, ACOS will, among other things, continue to focus on security to reach an increased level of security with even better solutions. Machine learning will be used to perform actions like scanning for threats which also is an effective method of monitoring costs and cost development. This enables continuous optimization of costs, fleet, database and maximum utilization of capacity (CPU).

“We have set up a Bastion solution to make it easy for developers to reach the environment,” says Glesnes. “We experience great added value as a result of this solution and greater flexibility on the platform. Larger scaling options are a good example of this. We now have the opportunity to scale up the performance of affected services in just five minutes.

Many are interested in moving to the cloud

ACOS has not been alone in making its strategic choice to move to the cloud. Visolit's consultants and architects experience an increasing number of existing and new customers seeking to migrate all or parts of their operations the cloud. To achieve a successful cloud journey they however need a strategic partner.

“There is now a relatively large need for IT operation solutions, which is something we have succeeded in delivering,” says Eide. “Now days we are setting up a completely new production environment on the Azure platform and we are getting ready to welcome customers here.”

With the new environment, Visolit is able to further utilize the technology in Azure and the opportunities that contribute to the interaction between the application and operating platform being optimal.


Investing in expertise 

ACOS recognizes the changes they have made so far are being well received in the market, especially in terms of hosting, as customers are increasingly demanding different SaaS solutions. The new programs and platform will continuously be developed.

Dyrkolbotn is satisfied with ACOS’ strategic collaboration with Visolit and is convinced that the company is well equipped for its leading solutions to meet market demands.

“The most important thing we and other IT companies can do is to invest more in expertise, partners and technology to become even better at deliveries of the future-oriented services our customers demand, both in software and associated optimized operating models.”



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