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Frende Forsikring


Frende Forsikring and Visolit bring out the best in each other

Frende Forsikring delivers insurance for damages and life insurance to over 250.000 private customers and companies in Norway.  15 big and small saving banks jointly own Frende Forsikring. The collaboration with Visolit dates back to 2009 when Frende chose to move their infrastructure and operations over to Visolit.

- That might be the best thing about Visolit. We have had a long time “relationship” with them, and they still stand as our main supplier. Visolit is open and clear in their communication with us, which is something we really appreciate. There is no perfect supplier out there, but we are helping each other to be the best we can, which we have done all of these years, says IT operations manager Bjørn-Erik Gjerde from Frende Forsikring.

Frende Visolit

Key account executive in Visolit, Sindre Uthaug, adds that Frende values cooperation, and focuses on how the customer and the supplier can be better together.

- That happens both through having a close dialogue, close collaboration and also through social gathering to build up the relationships, explains Uthaug.

Visolit delivers both operations and infrastructure, and have to know the market for insurances and banks, to be able to give the best advice for the customer.

Frende is actively using data insights to be ahead of the developments in the market. We are talking about massive amounts of data, and Visolit assists with recommendations on setup and how the data can be processed.

Frende manages its own client operations and is the point of contact for their own users. - Visolit is our hub for delivering server operations and are linking the infrastructure between our partners. I would also like to point out that Visolit has the world's best logistics department. We are delighted with them, says Gjerde.

IT, technology and Visolit are essential pieces in the future of Frende Forsikring

- The Internet of Things (IoT) is a huge success, which will challenge today's business model. What does this mean for the development of the insurance industry? What will the emergence of smart sensors in our homes, cars, and wearables mean to the industry? These are questions we must answer to offer future-oriented services to our customers, says Bjørn-Erik Gjerde.

- The better the insight we have in the customer's needs, the better products we can offer, says the IT operations manager in Frende.

Customers want the opportunity to do simple tasks themselves, and fully automated self-service is the focus for the insurance company. Through an in-house developed online store and “my page”, customers have gotten access to purchase and make changes to their insurance policies themselves, as well as record any damages for automated processing of claims settlement.

- We also see that the banks that own us want to link customers closer to them, and customers want to look at both their bank and insurance information in the same place. We are continually striving to provide better customers experiences and facilitate various integrations based on APIs between the online banks and us. This is one of our main focus areas in 2019.

- We focus strongly on the self-development of services to offer user-friendly solutions for our customers and employees, and we currently have over 45 employees in the IT department. We are not striving to be the most avid with gold and glitter, but our services should be simple, safe and good for the ordinary user of insurances. With Frende you will get an insurance company that cares about there customers, says Gjerde.

In the future, the excellent cooperation between Frende and Visolit continues. Both parties emphasise that good relations are always important, as well as close and good collaboration - characterised by honesty.

- Sometimes things can heat up, but we can talk about everything, says Gjerne, and Uthaug agrees.

Frende and Visolit have regular dialogues, and soon it is time for a more in-depth strategy collection, where the parties point out a common direction for further cooperation.

One of the themes at the next gathering is the future opportunities with Visolit's associated integration experts in iBiz Solutions.

- We are excited about the new competence that Visolit has gathered now, which we expect will help us get even better in the future, says Gjerde. 

The customer's insurance favourite

Frende Forsikring is the customers favourite, and in the recognised study EPSI 2018, they were rated best at customer satisfaction and loyalty.

- To be ranked as the customers favourite is big to us, and it shows that we are doing a lot the right things. We have the most loyal customers, something we have had several years in a row. The customers are confident that we are delivering, and that we give the best follow-up if something were to happen, says Gjerde.

Frende Forsikring insurance favorit in 2018

- The name Frende comes from the Norse word “frændi”, which means friend or relative, and the logo symbolises Frende as a helping hand for our customers, he adds.

- We care a lot about the happiness of our customers and a little extra about them personally. That is why we are particularly proud that our customers give us top scores in tests every year. Loyal customers and a good reputation are alpha and omega for an insurance company, concludes Gjerde.

Open and clear communication
"That might be the best thing about Visolit. We have had a long time “relationship” with them, and they still stand as our IT-supplier. Visolit is open and clear in their communication with us, which is something we really appreciate. There is no perfect supplier out there, but we are bringing out the best in each other, as we have done all of these years"

says IT operations manager Bjørn-Erik Gjerde from Frende Forsikring.
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