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Infranord AB

Keeps the train on track

– If our communication stops, the entire train traffic stops. The Swedish railway giant Infranord has chosen to outsource the IT operations so that everyday operations can go on track.

– The train traffic depends on our digital communication being trusted. If it doesn't work, we simply can't do our job, explains Ali Eskandari, IT Manager for Swedish Infranord. The company works daily with the construction and maintenance of railway systems in Norway and Sweden and has about 2000 employees.

– It goes without saying that we are dependent on having an IT system that ensures optimal information flow. In Sweden alone, we have departments in 98 different locations. We depend on managers being able to communicate with their team, that the customers are able to get in touch with us - and that the Swedish Transport Administration keeps us updated on what is happening on the railway lines. A few years ago we realized that it was wise to hand over the IT job to those who were experts in the area, so that we could concentrate on what we are best at - working with rail, Eskandari explains.

In 2013, Infranord chose to outsource the entire IT operations to Visolit. Patrik Lännerberg, customer manager at Visolit Sweden, admits that they faced a tough challenge:

– The task was formidable. Within six months, an entire IT environment was to be outsourced and implemented with us. Hundreds of servers - both physical and virtual - were to be moved at the same time as dozens of mission-critical applications had to work continuously. Fortunately, we have good and proven systems. The task, which was to be resolved in six months, was completed in four, says Lännerberg with a smile. He recently experienced Infranord extending its IT agreement by three new years.


– When we were to outsource our IT service, we had several relevant suppliers. The choice fell on Visolit because we instinctively felt they understood our needs. They have up-to-date expertise, and we benefit from economies of scale. One of the most crucial factors in choosing to extend the agreement was the competence they have on the Citrix system and the flexible pricing model. We pay one sum per user, which has saved us a lot of money since Infranord has gone from 3500 employees in 2012 to 2000 employees in 2017, explains IT Manager Eskandari.


Through its collaboration with Visolit, Infranord now enjoys a modern IT environment in a hybrid cloud platform based on Microsoft Azure and Office 365, and Visolit's own standard services.

- As an IT man, I think the collaboration with Visolit is most rewarding when we jointly develop new solutions and run large joint projects. It is wonderful with a partner who sees new technology as an opportunity - not a threat, says Ali Eskandari with a smile.

Infranord is the Nordic region's leading railway contractor.
Train traffic in Sweden and Norway is entirely dependent on the company's IT systems not tracking off.

"As an IT man, I think collaboration with Visolit is most rewarding when we jointly develop new solutions and run large joint projects. It is wonderful with a partner who sees new technology as an opportunity - not a threat." - Ali Eskandari, IT Manager for Swedish Infranord
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