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Jensen & Co

PC as a service

Environmentally friendly and stable with Visolit and CHG Meridian

With stricter rules for data storage and processing of personal data and a need for more environmentally efficient operations, Jensen & Co chose "PC as a service" from Visolit when their IT-equipment was due for an upgrade.

When Jensen & Co were moving from their premises at Hagan to Lillestrøm in 2017, they also wanted to upgrade their IT- equipment. The solution was "PC as a service", where Jensen & Co has the units for three years before they are replaced with new equipment.

- All units have a warranty and insurance in this period and we only pay for the use of the equipment. It is also environmentally efficient, as the units are reused and possibly recycled when new units are delivered, ”says Helge Bjørkhaug, IT Manager at Jensen & Co.

Everyone in Jensen & Co has Visolit as a common point of contact. Visolit handles equipment and warranty cases, and tests and updates all the PCs before they are delivered. With PC as a service from Visolit, the PCs are updated with tested and approved updates from Microsoft and the correct version of installed software.

- We are very pleased with the managed service so far, says Bjørkhaug. 

After three years of use, new machines are rolled out and old units are retrieved by CHG-Meridian. The data content of the devices is deleted in accordance with rules for secure deletion. What can be reused, is reused - and what cannot be reused, is shredded and recycled. In this way, the life cycle of the equipment is ensured and the downtime for the users is reduced.

- We have good experiences with little downtime and stable operation on the delivery. Predictability for the IT equipment and use is important to us. At the same time, we want the used equipment to be handled in a good and environmentally conscious manner, continues Bjørkhaug.

New privacy rules (GDPR) have come into play with stricter rules for handling personal data. An important advantage of the Visolit lifecycle model is that personal data found on existing and old equipment is handled according to the new privacy rules.

- Hazardous materials are destroyed in an environmentally friendly manner. Circuit boards, copper from wires, plastic from wires - everything is handled according to ISO 9001 and 14001. In fact, 94% of the PCs are in such good condition that they are reused, while the rest is recovered immediately. This ensures a circular economy and is therefore also good for the environment, ”says general manager of CHG-Meridian, Christian Vold.

Kræmer emphasizes that it is important for companies not to leave old equipment just gathering dust:

- Make sure you use the residual value in a good way for you as a company and for the environment. Contact us if you want to know more about the possibilities of using the life cycle model in your business.

Today, 85% of the e-waste in Norway is recovered and used to create new products instead of using new raw materials. Most electrical and electronic products contain substances that are hazardous to health and the environment in varying amounts.

High standard of living, rapid technological development and shorter product life mean that the electrical and electronic waste (e-waste) is one of the fastest growing waste streams in Norway. In the EU, it is expected that there will be more than 12 million tonnes of e-waste by 2020, and we can assume that Norway will have the same development as the EU. (Source: Miljostatus.no)

About Jensen & Co
Jensen & Co is a family company founded in 1866 and has a long and proud history of contributing to food on Norwegian dining tables. Today, the company has close to 50 employees and is a distributor of attractive brands to the Norwegian grocery trade. 

"All units have warranty and insurance in this period and we only pay for the use of the equipment. It is also environmentally efficient, as the units are reused and possibly recycled when new units are delivered" - Helge Bjørkhaug, IT Manager at Jensen & Co.
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