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Markedskraft AS

Extra power with a strong IT partner

Markedskraft is a knowledge specialist delivering services to stakeholders in the power market. They have chosen to outsource their own IT system to experts in Visolit.

– Just as you take for granted that there is power in your outlet, we expect our computer systems to work, says Kjetil Korneliussen, Head of Back Office & IT at Markedskraft.

The company, which started in 1992, is headquartered in Arendal but is multinational with offices in Oslo, Stockholm, Aarhus and Berlin.

– We define ourselves as a knowledge specialist in the European power market. Our core competencies are deep insight and understanding of the power industry. Our mission is to create customer value by understanding the basic drivers in the power market and thus giving our customers a unique basis for critical decision making, says Korneliussen. He elaborates (movie from when Visolit was called TeleComputing):

– Markedskraft specializes in obtaining data on all possible variables that can affect the electricity price. It can be weather, wind, coal prices, oil production and much more. We are an independent player in the wholesale market and offer portfolio services to manufacturers and consumers. Simply explained, we assist the manufacturers in delivering the power that is made to the highest possible price, while also helping consumers to obtain power wherever it exists and at the lowest possible price.

We carry out trading on the Nord Pool, Nasdaq and EPEX marketplaces and are licensed by the Ministry of Finance in order to carry out brokerage and advisory services. Visolit delivery to Markedskraft is extensive, including a complete IT agreement where the company accounts for most of the applications and operations.

– It includes cloud and hybrid solutions from Microsoft and 24/7 support. The latter is particularly important for Markedskraft as they take financial positions on behalf of their customers and have absolute requirements for uptime, explains  Kristian Paulsrud in Visolit.

– Markedskraft had previously all IT operations internally but abandoned this in 2008. It has been the right choice, since we have got a more stable system at a lower price. It is also very important to keep in mind that the demands placed on an IT system today are completely different to ten years ago. Through the collaboration with Visolit, we manage to keep up with developments, which had been a tough job if we were to take care of it ourselves, explains Markedskraft's Kjetil Korneliussen.




"Just as you take care of the power in your outlet, we expect our computer systems to work." - Kjetil Korneliussen, Head of Back Office & IT at Markedskraft.
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