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Visolits’s rewarding partnership with Radiator provides a holistic product lifecycle perspective to save time and money 

Visolit’s handling of Radiator’s business-critical hardware park frees up time for Martin Halvarsson, Technical Business Developer at Radiator, to focus more on strategic IT and business development issues. For Radiator, Visolit has proved itself to be a secure and sustainable partner that creates added value and provides control over logistical flows around computers. It is a rewarding relationship in which customer and supplier work as true partners - as a team. 
“Visolit is a partner that really understands our business,” says Halvarsson. “I want to emphasize 'partner' because we work very closely and well together.

Radiator VVS AB is a nationwide Swedish group that delivers plumbing and pipe installations to property owners, managers, industry, companies and public sector. In addition to plumbing services, Radiator also delivers construction drawings and contract planning. 

Martin Halvarsson is working as a Technical Business Developer at Radiator for the past three years. His role is to simply and improve the work life for Radiator's 500 or so users. Over 120 of these are salaried employees, where access to a well-functioning computer is business critical. 

“If, for example, a constructor that draws construction parts for the plumbing houses does not have a well-functioning computer, it costs us between SEK 15,000 and 20,000 per day,” Halvarsson explains. 

Safe handling frees up time 

Today, Visolit's product and logistics team handles all computer related matters for Radiator. Visolit stores computers for Radiator - all less than two years old - in its logistics center in Gothenburg. In the event that a computer encounters problems, Visolit sends a new one to the user the same day (with a return shipping note for the old computer). Visolit takes responsibility for the entire product lifecycle, which frees up a lot of time for Halvarsson.

“Visolit takes care of everything. I save a lot of time by not having to repair, maintain or ship any of the hardware. Likewise, Radiator users don’t depend on me being available at all times.”  

Reliable deliveries ensure business-critical functions 

Over the course of its long history, Radiator has occasionally been the subject of fires and burglaries - events that lead to the destruction or lack of computers. This has been the case during the partnership with Visolit, and due to the fact that computers were available in the Radiator stock at Visolit, new ones could be delivered quickly.

“In order for Radiator's users to be able to continue working, create orders and send out invoices, an immediate delivery of computers is business-critical in many ways.” 

Before Visolit's product team took over the management of the hardware park, Radiator had no control over computer orders and did not know which computer belonged to which user. It was therefore difficult to have control over costs and invoicing.

Today, all of Radiator's computers are leased for three years, but Visolit handles all invoicing and processes with the partner. When ordering, computers are sent out quickly to each user, with the correct registration and set up.  

Cooperation above all 

Visolit has a dedicated customer team that works closely with Radiator for strategic planning, external monitoring and operational management. The team is responsive and places great emphasis on understanding customers and their needs. 

“Visolit is more than a regular supplier. Our collaboration is based on a partnership where we really understand each other's operations.”

Good cooperation and communication is key to find constructive and fast solutions. 

“When urgent problems arise and we must deliver several computers at once, everyone works together to solve the problem. We do not have a regular customer- supplier relationship - we are a team.”  

The importance of sustainability 

Radiator is ISO certified and therefore seeks partners that focus on sustainability in every step of the product lifecycles. 

“We are confident in Visolit's sustainability work. When it's time to wind up a computer, we know that it is done in an environmentally friendly way that meets our environmental requirements.”

Visolit actively advises Radiator to choose products that reduce its environmental footprint as much as possible, which, in turn, has a positive effect on product resale value. In addition, Visolit ensures that its computers are deidentified when phased out and resold only to markets green-listed by the UN, using proper information security protocol. Maximizing the lifespan of computer products is an important part of Visolit's sustainability work. 

Foresight and external monitoring 

Visolit proactively informs Radiator about any news from computer manufacturers and other factors that may affect the availability and delivery of computers in the future, which has been especially important during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Thanks to information provided by Visolit, we were able to act quickly and ensure that we secured the hardware we needed. I feel confident and safe that Visolit makes sure we have what we need.”  

The future is in the cloud 

Radiator has come a long way on its digitalization journey, thanks to Halvarsson's focus on developing digital solutions to simplify the everyday lives of users. He develops apps for user management, holiday application and absence notification as well as project management. For Radiator, the future means more cloud services.

“Today, we don’t have many cloud services other than Office 365, but we will eventually switch more to Azure.”

So, while Visolit currently maintains Radiator's IT operations, in the future, this relationship will develop towards a joint cloud journey. 

“We are very satisfied with Visolit and look forward to a continued rewarding partnership,” concludes Halvarsson. 

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