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The Norwegian National Opera and Ballet

IT operations in tune with the National Opera

- We really only have one absolute requirement: that everything should work flawlessly when the curtain opens!

 Rolf Hammer, ICT Manager for The Norwegian National Opera and Ballet (DNOB) takes a dramatic pause. He has forgotten neither script or his lines, but rather knows how to emphasize an important point.

- To put it a little bluntly: nothing is business-critical to us - except for what is needed for a performance to take place on the stage. Then everything is critical! Everything must work; lights, sound, music, technique and digital solutions.

From his office in the iconic building on the pier in Bjørvika, Hammer is responsible for ensuring that IT systems and digital tools work both in everyday life and when the curtain opens for an evening on stage.

- In reality we are a pure production company. The difference between DNOB and a company that, for example, makes doors, is that we spend a long time and a lot of resources on producing a product that is only sold in limited quantities. Then we start again, explains Hammer- who works closely with Visolit when it comes to running the IT systems.

Helge Abrahamsen, Visolit`s customer manager for DNOB, shares his thoughts on a long-term and solid relationship.


- We have worked together since 2000. Since DNOB is bound by a public procurement agreement, Visolit has had to win the tender competition several times during this period. For us, it is both challenging and rewarding to be able to work with the country's largest cultural institution. DNOB is a very special customer that requires complex communication solutions even though they are mainly located in Bjørvika, explains Abrahamsen.

The Norwegian National Opera and Ballet's task is to create first-class performing arts, but the road to the finished performance is paved with an infinite number of small and large work tasks that have to be administered and implemented. An opera performance takes an average of up to three years to create, and in the course of a year, about 2,200 people are affiliated with DNOB in some form of working relationship.

Everyone from painters, seamstresses and hatmakers to carpenters, musicians and economists. - There is a tremendous span of expertise and needs, which in turn places great demands on the IT system, explains Rolf Hammer.


- I usually refer to Visolit as "our extended ICT department". Their primary task is operation of daily services such as e-mail and server platform, but also dozens of professional applications that are tailored to us. For example, we have a warehouse management system that keeps track of 30,000 wigs. It is quite special. I also want to highlight the good relationship we have had with both project manager and customer manager in Visolit. Even if you are a technical supplier, the human cooperation also means very much.

Photo from DNOB.

"To put it bluntly: nothing is business-critical for us - except for what is needed for a performance to take place on stage. Then everything is critical! Everything must work; light, sound, music, technique and digital solutions." - Rolf Hammer, ICT manager for DNOB
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