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View Ledger

VIEW Ledger and Visolit in the Cloud

VIEW Ledger is one of the leading players in the accounting industry and delivers cloud-based system solutions, digitization of accounting, consulting, and outsourcing of business processes (BPO). Since 2004 the company is serving its customers with insights and overview of finances through cloud-based ERP solutions and digitization.

For the third consecutive time, VIEW Ledger recently renewed its agreement with Visolit for cloud services from Microsoft Azure and Microsoft365.

-With Visolit as a partner, we have a modern cloud platform, with an outsourced IT environment, which allows us to focus on our core business. We look forward to continuing the valuable collaboration we have since 2010, says CIO of VIEW Ledger, Dag Ove Valsgaard.

Long term partnership for innovation and further development

The partnership between VIEW Ledger and Visolit dates back to 2010. In the very beginning of the collaboration, Visolit delivered a traditional Citrix solution (VIEW 1.0), client management and peering to local data center at Visolit. VIEW Ledger and Visolit did indeed embark on a transformation journey together, and VIEW Ledger has expanded from an office in Bryn, to headquarters at BarCode in Oslo with offices in Norway and Sweden. VIEW Ledger is serving customers all over the Nordic region, and has experienced strong growth organically and through acquisitions.

VIEW Ledger has had other service providers involved in their journey, and CIO Dag Ove Valsgaard joined VIEW Ledger as a system architect and advisor in 2016 with an objective among others to upgrade the VIEW platform, VIEW 2.0, in 2017.

-In the past, our different locations did not have a unified IT-operations, and we needed a more standardized operation to facilitate growth. We are a cloud-based company, we are Born in Cloud, and the largest provider in the market for the financial system Xledger. Hence, our own IT must of course be cloud-based. The contract was up for evaluation and we discussed with Visolit our future possibilities. VIEW Ledger pointed in one direction and Visolit clearly understood the opportunities and were able to deliver both on service and competence.

The cloud journey has provided great opportunities for innovation and further development, but there were also some areas of uncertainty along the way.

- One of the challenges was that we did not have an accurate overview of how the transformation would affect costs, since the cost model in Azure/O365 is based on actual consumption (SaaS/IaaS). We estimated costs by using different cost tools/models and Visolit also gave us qualified estimates. Per employee, we now have a more reasonable IT operation cost than previously. We have a modern platform which follows Microsoft´s life-cycle, and we always have access to the latest updates and innovations, as well as gaining the advantage of reducing costs.

There are also some nice side effects, such as unified operations, a common platform for managing acquired companies across national borders – and economies of scale. We are expanding beyond country borders and having a location independent IT platform is crucial. The state-of-the-art cloud platform allows us to grow, which is necessary to achieve our expansion goals in and outside the Nordic region," says Valsgaard.

When VIEW Ledger acquires businesses, the cloud platform is configured to migrate new companies directly into the cloud solution. All non-cloud applications in shared services such as email, storage, printing, and client management are centrally managed on Microsoft platforms. In addition, client devices, on-premises infrastructure (firewalls and networks) have been standardized with regards to up-time monitoring, compliance, and security aspects. Consequently, VIEW Ledger can easily incorporate new businesses and manage strong growth.

Innovation in the Cloud: Visolit and VIEW Ledger version 3.0

VIEW Ledger has more than 250 users in branch offices, field offices and home offices, with an IT department in Oslo.

- We have one employee responsible for IT operations/coordination, and one IT resource dedicated to acquisition and integration. We are able to offer the organization good user experience with relatively few IT resources, as we have outsourced both user support, operations, and server park to Visolit.

With our device management solution via Microsoft Intune, we can basically buy almost any PC and still be compliant. We have of course defined end-user standard, but deviations can be managed within our solution. Our IT department does not need to configure anything, all users automatically receive all software with appropriate regulation according to the level of security when logging in.

-With a mobile workforce, end-user security is the most important insurance policy we have, and through reports in Intune we are able to secure compliance. We have obtained the flexibility every IT department is looking for.

-I dare not contemplate how many companies rely on poorly implemented traditional provisioning solutions such as SCCM, which has end-user compliance discrepancies when users have not been in the office for three months and thus lost contact with a deployment point.

We're all about cloud and our systems are cloud-based. The few "remote" business systems we utilize are special applications from providers who have not come so far on their cloud journey. Hence, we still have a "remote" datacenter solution through Azure to manage these particular exceptions to our Cloud-operations.

-We are an ERP system supplier and at the same time a finance related business that offers outsourcing and advice (BPO). We work with strong brands such as Xledger, Tripletex and Fortnox. We work with quality, sales and customer follow-up through Salesforce and have launched our own customer portal project. All our efforts are optimized to help our customers innovate and provide the best service to their customers.

Automation is further an important area for VIEW Ledger. The automation platform VIEW Connect (Azure App Service) and UIPath RPA (Robotic Process Automation) robot farm, automates communication between business systems. The platform is also used to automate/robotize manual tasks.

-The automation increases productivity, data integrity and efficiency - and is critical to provide customers an interactive ecosystem. It allows us to meet our customers price expectations in a competitive industry. Fully automated through the ERP systems' built-in mechanisms, VIEW Connect or robots, are examples of how we innovate for the benefit of our customers. VIEW Ledger is constantly improving processes to achieve an improved customer experience.

We and our customers have a lot of data available, and if you look at data as a quantity-measure, data may seem incomprehensible. However, if you combine data with our experience/understanding and "business intelligence" tools, it is possible to structure data – either to achieve automation or to provide the customer with insights and analysis, which is our guiding principle.

-With innovative cloud services, we are able to test and experiment, and there are great benefits to be gained by this way of working. Our goal is to make it easier for the customer. At the same time, it is necessary to stay competitive: Companies that are not updated with the recent innovations and technologies will not survive. We are all heading for a world of unit pricing and in our industry the price per transaction will decrease, Dag Ove emphasizes.

VIEW Ledger prioritizes innovation and technology

Dag Ove Valsgaard leads the technology and innovation department of VIEW Ledger and as CIO of the company, he is a part of the corporate management team.

-My role is to make technology readily available, in order to deliver results to our customers and owners. It is all about innovation, to achieve efficient, accurate and modern delivery. Increased automation is one our competitive advantages that will benefit customers in terms of better price and quality. The traditional accounting firms do not deliver this type of automation, and automation is a main priority for View Ledger.

We are the fifth largest supplier in Norway in our segment, and the goal is clear:

VIEW Ledger will improve and grow further and provide our customers a continuously improved experience, concludes Dag Ove Valsgaard.

"With innovative cloud services, we are able to test and experiment, and there are great benefits to be gained by this way of working. Our goal is to make it easier for the customer. At the same time, it is necessary to stay competitive." Dag Ove Valsgaard, CIO of VIEW Ledger
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