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Digital Transformation


Everyone wants the cloud,
but many need help getting there.

We build bridges between business goals and technology

We help you chart the possibilities of today's solutions and visualise future business opportunities by advising the road ahead. Our consultants and advisors are supported by solid expertise and experience base from decades of operation and cloud services.

We combine high technical expertise with solid business understanding and help ensure that your business gets optimal use of IT investments. With our highly certified consultants, you get a valuable partner that adds value from day one.

Our vision is to understand what each customer wants to achieve. Only then can we create the functional and strategic whole that is required for the technology to be the power that drives your business forward.

Every challenge needs a partner!

Our expertise and certification is your confidence!

Our senior consultants are highly certified within Microsoft, Oracle, VMWare, Citrix, and Security.

At the same time, they are highly dedicated to the development of both their own and others' expertise. They are driven by testing the latest there is and by assembling environments that optimise your IT, every day.

Ensure the best advice for your digital journey

With Visolit as a partner, you ensure the expertise of a solid supplier who has provided IT as a service since before cloud was at all a term. We have a proven catalogue of services that ensure our customers an everyday advantage in their market.

For us, it is about seeing the totality of what the customer wants to achieve. Then it is important to make choices based on both your own IT environment and the company's business goals. Our consultants always keep this totality in mind!

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What can we do for you?

Contact us for a non-committal talk.

Together we will review your needs and further develop your systems to meet tomorrow's needs.