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Digital Transformation


Kickstart your digital transformation with Visolit

Integrations are key to digitalisation

There are no IT projects that are not also an integration project. Digitisation becomes empty words if you do not have smart solutions for information sharing - and here system integration is essential. Our stable and secure operating solutions give you the foundation for IT operations, and through our affiliate iBiz Solutions, you get the integration expertise.

Integration is absolutely necessary to be able to run complex IT systems. It is also one of three technology areas that one must master to take advantage of the opportunities digitalisation provides.

With hybrid cloud solutions and substantial consulting expertise from Visolit, and the integration expert iBiz Solutions, your company can leverage the many opportunities that lie in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things.

A total of 4.8 per cent of IT budgets are spent on integrations and are one of the three largest spending areas on IT budgets. The other two major expense items are security and business systems.

3 trends driving integration growth:


The market research agency Technavio identifies three trends that are drivers of growth in the market of integrations:

  • Increased use of cloud-based integration solutions
  • The emergence of e-commerce integration solutions
  • The progress of hybrid cloud technology

Having control and closeness to integrations are key factors for success.
This is confirmed, according to figures from the Nordic Radar Ecosystems.

Our field of expertise:

- Hybrid integration, from on-prem to hybrid, with a mix of on-prem and Azure cloud solutions.
- Biz Talk + Azure Integration Platform.
- Microsoft Gold partners in 
Application Integration and Cloud Platform.


How we work with administrative integrations

We offer organisations and companies integrations that can be managed in a good way - we call it manageable administrative integration. With our methodology and structure, your business gets a reusable environment that creates opportunities for speed and quality, because you re-use quality work that is already made.

AIM - we take you all the way from analysis to deployment and management!
Through Application Integration Management (AIM) we give you stress-free integration! Our AIM method separates us from others who work with integrations because we do the whole chain from analysis to deployment! We analyse current infrastructure and provide recommendations in priority areas, and suggest strategies. Then, we initiate a project to develop technical solutions, and provide documentation after testing. Finally, the solution is handed over to management, and we stay involved until the integration is running and are appropriately managed.

For the integrations to provide the best possible effect for the customers, we always work with continuous development and proactive management. Through proactive monitoring, our goal is to correct errors before they become a problem.

Predictability, clear costs, and more innovation
With Visolit's robust professional environment for hybrid cloud services and the integration experts iBiz Solutions on the team, your business gets better business opportunities, and a predictability and cost overview that provides security. By choosing Visolit as a partner, you facilitate an increased pace of innovation in your company. We are more of a partner than a supplier - every challenge needs a partner.

What can we do for you?

Contact us for a non-committal talk.

Together we will review your needs and further develop your systems to meet tomorrow's needs.