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Digital Transformation

Project Delivery

Visolit understands our costumers business, challenges and needs.

How our project department works 

Our teams have a thorough understanding of our customers' specific business, business goals, and needs. We continuously work to ensure that our customers get the best possible benefit from their IT investments, for both customers and the end users. With the help of our project teams, you get financial savings, increased innovation, and more satisfied end users. Our motto is that regardless of the challenges the customer faces, you can always trust Visolit as your partner.

We work closely with you as a customer to ensure you get the best possible solution. Together, we look at what opportunities are best for your business and how the current solution can be improved. Along the way, you get direct access to quality technical resources, as well as getting direct support and continuous follow-up of our teams.

For major changes, you will be assigned your own Change Manager, who holds all parts together and ensures the best possible implementation of your project. In other projects, you will get a project manager, who will make sure that the project is carried out in the best possible way.

For all projects we create a project plan and we describe what phases we are going through - together. For larger projects, we have pre-projects to uncover final needs, implementation phase, test phase, and start-up phase. Everything to ensure the best possible project execution and value for the customer.

Expertise - our strength, your security

Our most important resource is the skilled employees, and we work continuously to keep abreast of trends, recent developments in our subject areas, and best practices in the industry. At the same time, we always focus on important partnerships and to be our customer's preferred point of contact for new expertise and knowledge. Our employees are highly certified and pride themselves by being updated on knowledge at all times.


Innovative and revolutionary

Visolit as an IT provider since the start in 1997, has been part of an innovative and revolutionary time when digitization has turned all business models on its head. Our idea of managing companies' IT operations on the web sounded like science fiction at that time.

What can we do for you?

Contact us for a non-committal talk.

Together we will review your needs and further develop your systems to meet tomorrow's needs.