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End-user Services

High end-user productivity and satisfaction through fully managed and supported services designed for flexibility and security.

Visolit End-user Services

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Achieve high end-user productivity

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Fully managed and supported services

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Designed for flexibility and security

Local Support services 24/7 –
Service Desk and SPOC

Visolit Service Desk provides end users with a single point of contact (SPoC) for all IT related issues and requests.

The service is available 24/7, depending on chosen service level. Inquiries can be submitted via telephone, , chat or web interface.

The Service Desk locates the cause of the problem and follow up the Incident until it is resolved, even in cases where the root cause lies with third parties. This approach ensures that users always know where to direct questions and requests, and that known faults and issues are resolved quickly.

Visolit also offers onsite support services.

Microsoft 365 Management

Be confident that your Cloud Services are managed professionally, in line with your business goals. Visolit provides management of your Microsoft 365 solution including:

  • Management of users, groups and passwords
  • Management of Office 365 Services
  • Management of your data and services
  • Management of subscriptions and billing
  • Compliance: Securing your organization
The service is based on the Microsoft 365 licensing plan, provides a modern cloud-based workspace and includes a powerful inventory and reporting system with self-service functionality.



Identity Governance

Identity Governance ensures that users have access to the technology resources they are entitled to and is an essential component to secure your organization.

The service includes the identification, authentication, and authorization of a user to have access to specific applications, systems, or networks, from approved devices and locations.

Every user’s identity is maintained, modified, and monitored throughout the user’s access lifecycle. Visolit defines and manages the roles and privileges of individual users and the circumstances in which they are granted or denied those privileges. This is done by associating user rights and restrictions with established identities and policies.


Device Management

Visolit`s Device Management manages and control all end-user devices in your organization, including Mac OS, PCs, and mobile devices such as tablets and phones.

Device Management enables organizations to protect and secure their resources and data, by securing and managing different devices, including laptops, tablets, mobile devices, and workstations. The service allows for secure distribution of, and access to, applications, data and services, for both private and corporate-owned devices.

Visolit ensures that only authorized people and devices get access to proprietary information. Similarly, device users can feel at ease accessing work data from their private devices, such as smart phones and tablets, trusting that the organization's security requirements are met and that personal information is kept private.

VDI Management – Managed desktops

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is all about moving desktop management from a local environment to a virtualized one.

It is an environment where desktop operating systems (OS) and applications are hosted within a virtual machine (VM).
Desktop images can be accessed by all types of devices such as desktops, laptops, thin clients, mobile devices, and more. Single images can be built and then deployed to each end user (i.e., endpoint, i.e., workstation) and then centrally managed for different operations, updates, and troubleshooting. VDI Management is the service for all necessary operation and maintenance of the Desktop.

Asset Management Service

Simplify and improve the quality of your license reporting, hardware budgeting and your inventory overview.

Visolit Asset Management Service is a Visolit SaaS deliverable service which provides an updated overview of all IT equipment and installed software in your organization, available through customized reports. These reports can be used as a source for license reporting, hardware budgeting and inventory overview.




Conference room Management

This service provides conference room management, including equipment maintenance and user support. The service is relevant for organizations looking to improve their conference room experience and rapidly scale their footprint by offering proactive management of conference room devices.
Cloud-based IT management and monitoring services keep your conference room devices and their peripherals up to date and proactively monitored.

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Trusted by leading organisations

  • "Customer Service is essential to us, as we are a global operatør with activity 24/7. We depend on a professional and knowledgeable customer service which is always available." Martin Hjelle, Head of Technology and Digital Strategy in Western Bulk.
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  • "Together with Visolit, we are strengthening the capacity in our networks and the quality of our own data, as well as increasing the security". Karen Ristebråten, Head of IT and digital development at Hunton.
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  • "Strong relations and working closely as partners, has been essential for the success of the gPower Project." Svend Magnus Pettersen manages the Subsurface operations in Ross Offshore
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Find out how we can help you optimise your infrastructure so you can continue to grow, prosper, and build up your competitive edge.

GDPR for Microsoft Cloud Services

GDPR for Microsoft Cloud Services is regulated by an Online Services Terms (OST) agreement between your organization and Microsoft.

This agreement also includes information about what Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is stored within the Microsoft services and how it is stored.