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Maritime Sector

A rapidly changing industry

Offshore, shipping, oil & gas are among Norway's most important industries. It has helped shape our society for many years - and is a rapidly changing industry.

An ever-increasing rate of innovation, as well as an introduction to new technology and business opportunities, is uprooting established processes, introducing new business opportunities, and truths. New technology such as Big Data, sensor technology, robotics and the Internet of Things (IoT) opens up for greater reliability, increased operational efficiency and higher security.

That is why, in order to utilize the digital transformation as a competitive advantage, oil, gas and shipping businesses have to look at IT as an investment over a cost - and dare to use the technological opportunities that exist.

A driving force of technology and strategic partner

Every challenge presents an opportunity 

The rapidly changing market does not only bring challenges - it also brings opportunities for innovation and to conquer new business areas. Technology in interaction with knowledgeable people opens up smart and cost-effective solutions that drive businesses further.

With workplaces moving across national borders - and without the infrastructure we are accustomed to from the mainland - there is also increasing demand for stable IT solutions that ensure efficient communication and interaction - regardless of where in the world users are situated.

We at Visolit know how important it is with stable and safe IT operations offshore, which is precisely why we advise and assist businesses within oil, gas, and shipping. This way, the companies we cooperate with can use their resources for value creation and growth within their own core business.

Replace fixed IT costs with variable costs - linked to your activity level

If there is one thing that most businesses in Norway knows, especially in this industry, is that big ups and downs are not as far away as one might think. Investing in smart solutions that do not bind capital as well as having systems that are flexible enough to follow the development of the business, provides you with security regardless of how the winds might be turning. 

Fortunately, this does not mean that you have to compromise on service selection and quality of operation just because you do not have all the necessary skills internally. In fact, you can get more services, higher quality and greater expertise in software and IT operations by outsourcing this work to a third party provider such as Visolit.

Why choose Visolit?


Reduce costs

With internal IT operations, it is often challenging to possess the necessary expertise in all systems and disciplines. In such cases, external consultants are often hired, who, combined with the salary of the permanent IT staff and the equipment needed, often become a larger expense than the predictable price of external operations.

By using Visolit you will reduce the cost by also reducing internal  IT staff while avoiding the costs of investing and upgrading equipment.


Certified IT department 

Visolit is one of the few Norwegian IT suppliers with technical employees who have offshore certification. This has been a priority to us in order to bring our own people into the field where our customers work, under the same conditions.

Competence in ICT security is a growing challenge. We have a considerable capacity for security advice to handle the ever-changing threat picture our customers are facing. As an important part of our comprehensive approach to security, we work with a range of manufacturers to deliver optimal IT security solutions.



Better IT services

Stable IT services for oil, gas, and shipping are a major challenge. With increasingly higher demands placed on larger bandwidth, both for operational purposes and for the employee well-being.

Because we have already solved challenges like these for our customers over many years, we can deliver just as good IT services underwater as on land. Our communication platform on the Norwegian shelf also presents the opportunity for services provided by our data center.

An IT partner delivering same quality underwater as on land
With over 2000 employees from 30 different nationalities in virtually all of the world's oceans, continents and time zones, BW Offshore is dependent on stable and quality IT solutions that ensure efficient communication and interaction regardless of where in the world the user is located. As the world's second largest player in the international FPSO market (floating production, storage, and unloading of oil and gas), BW Offshore has chosen to outsource IT operations to Visolit, which they have done since 2007. Using a modern hybrid cloud solution integrating local servers on ships with Visolit's data centers and Microsoft cloud services, the company gets greater flexibility and scalability - and more time to do what they are good at; oil.
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