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Professional Services


Digital disruption has already affected - and continues to challenge - Professional Services businesses to a large extent. Customers are looking for services that provide even more value, as some digital solutions open up and demand more from their suppliers.

There has been a marked shift from hourly invoicing to payment models based on outcome and effect. At the same time, the requirements for greater flexibility, transparency, and compliance with privacy rules have never been greater.

Therefore, it is vital to stand out in the sea of value-added customer service. So, how can businesses use the technological opportunities available to raise their competitiveness?

Every challenge needs a partner.

Invest in business systems that support today's mission-critical processes - but also the indispensable change process

The digital transformation extends far beyond IT. It requires changes at all levels of business - from processes, employees, and management to business model and technology. By becoming digitalized, businesses can work more efficiently, offer better services to their customers and create new products, services, and solutions.

In order to use digitalization to lift the company's competitiveness, change must be initiated focusing on achieving strategic goals and then developing and implementing the necessary change processes to support the transformation.

For the business to be best equipped to meet customer needs, not only today but also ten years into the future, you should invest in business systems that open up for greater digitization opportunities.

By moving your business-critical system into the cloud, you will get a whole ecosystem of solutions that not only coincide but also facilitate other cloud-based services driving your business further.

Better interaction, safety, and uptime with Visolit

Security, scalability, and uptime are absolute requirements for Accountor IT systems. Accountor is Northern Europe's largest financial and consulting company, providing accounting, payroll and consulting services that are continually streamlined thanks to new digital services. Their daily operations, therefore, depend on a reliable cloud computing platform that opens up for better interaction, higher efficiency, and greater security.

With over 70 offices all over Norway and customers who can effectively work and communicate through common digital solutions, the requirement for uptime is a crucial field. At the same time, security and digital business development require continuous adaptation of their IT system. To solve this, Accountor has chosen to hand over IT operations to Visolit.

Visolit manages specialized applications and delivers tailor-made work for all IT products an accounting office would need to work - whether it is a financial system, payroll, reporting, order, logistics or analysis.

By working with Visolit, Accountor has only one point of contact for their IT support, which the Director of ICT and service development, Stig Valhovd, points out as a great advantage:

“We are particularly pleased to have so-called single-point-of-contact when our users need help or assistance. This means that our inquiries do not float around on different helpdesks, but get specific follow-up quickly via one central point of contact. ”

Read the whole story. 

Why choose Visolit:


Future-proof and flexible delivery

Visolit has cloud services as our core business. As a result, our customers can benefit from the most up-to-date services, either from private clouds in Norway, public cloud services or so-called hybrid cloud services.


Extensive experience and broad competence

Visolit has long and broad experience with IT operations in the Nordic region. We are a large team of specialists scattered over large parts of the Nordics and we work around the clock with some of the largest companies and retail chains.

As a customer of ours, you will benefit from solid solutions that we already know are working for Professional Services businesses - this way you get tailor-made solutions that are both safer and of greater value.



Always help when you need it

Your business is never better than the prerequisites your employees have at hand. In order for IT users in your company to deliver value, it is important that they get help when they need it. Visolit offers fast and competent help with scaling up or down as need be, so you never have to pay for more than what you use.
What do our clients say?
“Despite being a small company in your customer portfolio, we are very well taken care of through quality-personal support and tailor-made services that are suited to what we need. We might have received a lower cost if we had used different suppliers, but we think it is more valuable to have a "one-stop-shop solution". It saves us a lot of time and worry.” – Per Nordenson, Lawyer at Nordenson.
What can we do for you?

Contact us for a non-committal talk.

Together we will review your needs and further develop your systems to meet tomorrow's needs.