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Real Estate  


IT for real estate and construction companies

Total supplier
Visolit is a complete supplier of IT for you in the real estate and construction industry. We have extensive IT services, geo-covering data communication, and high-performance eDesktop with CAD performance right up to the building structures. We help you with IT, network services, IoT and Proptech.

  • Secure fiber network in housing and building structures
  • Infrastructure for IoT and Proptech
  • Central management of IT
  • Technology behind activity-based office
  • Supplier of IT for tenants

IoT and Proptech
The real estate and construction industry is in the midst of a new technology revolution with, among other things, IoT and Proptech. Offering completely new opportunities for increasing value. Through a new generation of sensors and together with cloud-based, intelligent and self-learning computing, premises and buildings can gain increased attractiveness.

Network solutions
Visolit is an obvious choice as a solid IT partner when data networks and radio-connected wires become as obvious and important in homes as electricity, air, and water. Our services are not just for the property owners, but also extend to end customers. Visolit is there before the initial lease is signed and all the way to the larger leases in your portfolio.

We remain the real estate company's most innovative IT provider even in the next generation of the industrialization of construction. As obvious as it was for us to let architects collaborate with construction managers throughout to concrete slabs,  updating the 3D drawings in real time - it should be working with augmented reality for IoT management. This makes the business even more competitive.

IT for tenants

High-speed internet for businesses

Visolit delivers 1 Gbit / s Internet, 1000/1000 exclusive to companies. We help tenants with the introduction of properly sized routers, networks, wifi, and firewalls. In this way, the tenant gets complete hassle free internet access, proper capacity, and security - as well as a number to Visolit Support that can be called if something does not work.

Why choose Visolit


Experience with 
IoT and Proptech

Visolit installs and drives both your own fiber network and the home owner's fiber network. We ensure that the tenant has access to the right network services, such as high-speed internet, necessary wifi equipment and access to office IT. Visolit ensures that all equipment is registered, updated and handled correctly.


Central control

Visolit has developed a concept to enable central control and monitoring of IT systems used for alarm, heating, and ventilation. This makes it easier for staff to monitor properties and control systems without physically being there.



Being able to work efficiently anytime, anywhere and from any device is given. An employee or team can choose a workplace and gather around current tasks and projects, which in turn means that the knowledge exchange between employees, as well as the opportunities for new innovation increases. With Visolit's virtual PC this is possible.
What does our clients say?
"Visolit helps us to store, install and monitor our property systems. It has given us the opportunity to focus on the big issues and hand over operations and maintenance to Visolit."

Stefan Hedengren - Technical chief, AFA Fastigheter.
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