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Intelligent Cloud

needs a partner.

Intelligent Cloud is our way of delivering cloud services


With intelligent cloud services, we believe that the choice of  solution should always support your specific business goals. Today, there are endless opportunities in operation and cloud services. Opportunities and competitive advantage on one hand. Confusion and risk of making wrong choices on the other hand.

With Visolit as a partner, you ensure the expertise of a reliable supplier who has provided IT as a service since before cloud was even a concept. We have a proven catalogue of services that ensures thousands of customers an advantage in their market every day. At the same time, we are a dedicated partner who spends a lot of time and resources on testing the latest of the new and putting together environments that optimize your business.

Our vision is to understand what each customer wants to achieve. With this in mind we help you create the functional and strategic whole that lets technology be the power who makes your business thrive.

Every challenge needs a partner.


Pelagia's Cloud Travel
Streamlining your company's systems and processes by investing in cloud-based solutions can bring many benefits, but how do you move your company's key business system into the cloud?
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Innovative and revolutionary

Visolit is an IT provider that since the start in 1997 has been part of an innovative and revolutionary time when digitisation has turned all business models on its head. Our idea of managing companies' IT operations via the web was for the most part somewhat near science fiction at that time.

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