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Intelligent Cloud

Managed Services


We take care of your company
IT infrastructure - simple and cost-effective

Through our cloud services, we take responsibility for running your programs and data from our data centers. Many of our customers also want us to take responsibility for local hardware. Therefore, we have developed a set of services (Managed Services) that enable us to operate your PCs, tablets, networks and other local infrastructure so that we can take responsibility for the operation of your overall IT environment.

Managed Client

With Managed Client, Visolit takes the total responsibility for running your PCs. This service means that we:

  • Manage machine park
  • Ensures safe operation
  • Updating licenses
  • Upgrade software
  • Performs support
  • Configure users

Managed LAN

Visolit Managed LAN gives all employees fast and secure access to the network. The service covers all configuration and ensures that all locally installed switches are correctly set up.

We ensure, among other things::

  • Local installation of the network equipment
  • Equipment configuration
  • Backup of the configuration
  • Monitoring and operation of the equipment

Managed WLAN

Visolit Managed WLAN gives your employees fast and secure wireless access to the web, while guests have separate internet access via the same wireless network.

  • Delivered standard with 2 different networks (SSID)
  • You choose the names of the networks yourself
  • Guest net separated from the corporate network
  • Static or dynamic safety mechanisms
  • Used for secure access to mobile devices
  • Unauthorised access attempts are logged and the user will be locked out for a period

Mobile Device Management

Would you like to access your company's software and data from iPad, tablets, smartphones and similar? With Visolit's MDM service, this is handled in a safe and simple way. We ensure that users on the go have access to intranets, emails and file areas, while all data is protected and encrypted.

  • Standardised policy
  • Users can easily register devices
  • Clear administration of all units
  • Standard Features:
    - Deletion of content
    - Blocking devices
    - Find stolen devices
    - Fixed price per month

Visolit devices


Visolit devices

Visolit Managed Skype for Business

This is an extended version of Microsoft Skype for Business that coordinates all communications with instant messaging, meetings, PC-to-PC, and regular telephony. Everything is gathered in the familiar Skype interface and provides a complete, flexible solution for all corporate communication needs.

  • Seamlessly integrated with Outlook calendar and mobile phone, as well as VoIP
  • Status of all colleagues and registered partners
  • Invite both internal and external in the same conference
  • Up to 5 simultaneous HD video channels in a single meeting.
  • Can be expanded with SIP service
Every challenge needs a partner.

With Visolit as a partner, you ensure the expertise of a reliable supplier who has provided IT as a service since before cloud was even a term. We have a proven catalogue of services that every day ensures thousands of customers an advantage in their market.

What can we do for you?

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