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Intelligent Cloud

Public Cloud

Security, competence and control
when the cloud is the first choice

How does the public cloud work?

Public Clouds are one of the most common methods of distributing cloud computing, and it is not without reason: Moving your data up in this cloud can save your excessive business costs related to the purchase, operation, and maintenance of hardware and applications

In a public cloud, such as Microsoft Azure, all the hardware, software, and related infrastructure is owned and managed by the cloud provider. You share hardware, data storage, and network devices with other businesses and access all services through a web browser.

Such cloud services are most often used to provide data storage, online interaction tools and office applications, as well as test and development environments.

4 benefits of the public cloud

Safe as the bank - a huge network of servers secure your business against errors.
Lower cost - pay only for the service you use, not for the hardware or software you use.
Almost unlimited scalability - easily scale up or down as needed.
No maintenance - let your service provider maintain the maintenance so you can spend time on value-added activities.

Is the public cloud as secure as the private cloud?

In the past, questions have been asked about security in public cloud environments: Can a public cloud open to "anyone" who wants to use or buy it be as secure as private cloud services?

The answer to this question is yes. As long as a public cloud is implemented correctly and uses the appropriate security methods, this should be at least as secure as private clouds. Moreover, this security we guarantee on all our deliveries.

Data centre migration

For companies that want to modernise existing IT operations with the many benefits, it offers - access to flexible capacity and new services. Visolit has developed methods and built substantial expertise on migration to Microsoft Azure.

What can we do for you?

Free mapping

Are you in doubt about whether it is worthwhile to use Public Cloud? Please contact us and we will make a free analysis of your need for cloud services.