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Intelligent Cloud

Microsoft Azure

The market's leading platform for cloud services

Visolit gives you a safe journey to the cloud

Azure is an open and flexible cloud service platform that can easily be integrated into your existing IT environment. Microsoft's cloud and platform services are found in Microsoft's data centre located at several different locations around the world, and during the year Microsoft is building data centres in Norway, among others. Our data centre in Green Mountain.

With Azure, you get quick access to virtual servers, storage and other components used to build a complete IT solution.

By renting infrastructure and platform services from Azure, one will quickly access virtual servers, storage and other components that can be used to build a complete IT solution. The services are available in a few minutes, and one is billed only for the resources that a user has. This, therefore, becomes very flexible, while providing opportunities for establishing services in various places in the world if you, for example, have users in different continents.

What we can do for you

Free mapping

Are you in doubt about whether it is worthwhile to use Public Cloud? Please contact us and we will make a free analysis of your need for cloud services.