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Intelligent Cloud

Cyber Security

We help you handle a constantly changing environment of threats 

Organisations in both the private and public sectors are currently facing a variety of criminal actors. These aim to provide transferable values and information, as well as prevent daily use through extortion using encryption viruses and other interventions stopping "production".

The difference from the past is that the criminal actors are at an ever increasing rate in possession of capacities and knowledge that was once reserved for state actors. This includes significant data network attack capabilities, eavesdropping and much more.

In order to handle these threats, Visolit has established a Cyber Security department that has only one purpose: to protect our customers' values.
We do this through continuous monitoring of infrastructure, incident management, as well as obtaining and analysing criminal environments' capacities and operating patterns.

We are your eyes into a digital world where not everyone has the same good intentions.

For our customers, technology is a competitive force

Companies that can combine good business understanding with IT expertise, while being able to be innovative on behalf of their own business, win the customers.

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“One of NMS's main challenges is that we operate in areas that are not always as well developed. With extensive mission work in Europe, Asia and Africa, we need access to stable networking solutions so that stations and employees can connect and share important information with each other. For us, among other things, access to electronic archives is "mission critical". Therefore, we have a great focus on having as much as possible of what we need available in the cloud. ”- Sigurd Egeland, Communications Manager at The Norwegian Missionary Association (NMS).
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