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Safely storing your data in our data centres

Visolit has one of its data centers in Green Mountain in Stavanger.

Visolit was the very first customer to sign an agreement with Green Mountain, and the delivery has been without errors since the start.

Green Mountain provides 100% carbon neutral services and is recognised as one of the most environmentally friendly data centres in the world. Storage in Green Mountain is also cost-effective, with the use of cooling from the fjord right outside, as well as efficient energy use. Green Mountain Data Center is located 175 meters inside the mountain at Rennesøy, about half an hour north of Stavanger. Here, Visolit has one of our computer halls in the former ammunition store for NATO.

P8200333World-class security

Data security is essential when customers outsource IT operations and choose cloud solutions. Our Green Mountain data centres guarantee you uptime and stability on the infrastructure - with world-class security. Both physical and operational security are taken care of, and a number of barriers have been set up to prevent access to the data centre. The data centre is well secured to withstand earthquakes and has duplication or better on all systems. 

Choosing Visolit as a supplier of your computer room and IT operations provides better security, capacity and flexibility than the customer can manage in his own computer room. Customers also get economies of scale and reduced costs.

The Green Mountain Data Center meets the high international quality required under the Uptime Institute and has achieved Tier III certification. 100% uptime is proof that the data centre delivers to the highest quality.

Digitisation and the importance of infrastructure

Digitising your business requires a robust and scalable infrastructure with high security and quality - and where you have business-critical solutions up 24/7. Digitisation drives a huge growth in demand for storage capacity and server services. The data centre industry is now the world's fastest-growing power intensive industry!