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Visolit continues to grow in Sweden and Norway, acquiring another three companies

Visolit is expanding and strengthening its position in the Nordic region with the acquisition of H2O Data AB, Aison AS and Netscenario AS.


The three companies, like Visolit, are providers of hybrid cloud services with associated consulting services. They all have prominent positions within Visolit's main segment, which encompasses small and medium-sized private and public companies in the Nordic region. 

-“The acquisitions are an important part of our expansion strategy and mean that we will further strengthen our position in new geographical areas in the growing Nordic market for hybrid cloud services”, says Terje Mjøs, CEO of the Visolit Group.

Above all, the three companies have a very high level of expertise, which further strengthens Visolit's ability to help customers develop and strengthen their IT solutions in order to secure future competitiveness. 

Aison and Netscenario are two Norwegian companies with strong customer portfolios within several industries, especially within the maritime sector, industry and real estate. The Swedish company H2O Data has customers within the production and distribution sectors. Visolit already conducts extensive business within the industrial and real estate sectors, and with these additional areas, it will gain further specialist expertise.

New market penetration in southern Sweden
Aison and Netscenario are located to the west of Oslo while H2O Data is located in Malmö.

- Proximity to customers is important to us and the new acquisitions add an important geographical dimension. In Norway, we now cover the entire southern part of the country. “The acquisition in Sweden entails new market penetration in southern Sweden”, says Terje Mjøs.

The three new acquisitions will entail an additional 104 employees and MNOK 235 in revenue for Visolit. Visolit's revenue is expected to reach NOK 2,8 billion in 2019.


About H2O Data
H2O Data was established in 1995 and has offices in Malmö, Bjuv and Karlskrona. H2O Data supplies operating services, technology services and infrastructure, primarily based on technology from IBM. The company had sales of MNOK 60 in 2018 and has 40 employees. Find out more at www.h2odata.com

About Aison
Aison was established in 2002 and has offices in Stokke in Vestfold. Aison provides hybrid cloud services, IT operations, consulting services, and also has a prominent position in communications solutions and telephony. Aison has over 1,200 customers, mainly in Eastern Norway. The company had sales of MNOK 78 in 2018 and has 32 employees. Find out more at www.aison.no

About Netscenario
Netscenario was established in 2005 and has offices in Skien, Stavanger, Bergen, Trondheim and Oslo. Netscenario provides cloud services, IT operations, consulting services and also has a strong position within high performance hosting. The company had sales of MNOK 72,5 in 2018, and has 32 employees. Find out more at www.netscenario.no

Visolit, Group CEO Terje Mjøs, phone: +47 (0)900 34 159,
e-mail: terje.mjos@visolit.no