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Visolit establishes a secure All Cloud -solution for Terranor Groups IT-systems

Terranor Group chooses Visolit to orchestrate the move to the cloud

Terranor Group, a leading player in the operation and maintenance of roads for state, municipal and private customers, chooses Visolit to orchestrate the move to the cloud.

Terranor Group, with approximately 200 employees at over 25 locations across Sweden and Finland, chooses Visolit to establish a cloud-based solution that is built for the future, including a modern and efficient IT-infrastructure.

Terranor was established through the acquisition of the NCC road maintenance unit. Previously, the IT-systems were common across the NCC units, but as Terranor was founded, the organisation needed a completely new IT-system.

– It is not often we get to establish a c0mpletely new IT-environment in the cloud without regard to any ” legacy systems”, and that is very exciting. With Visolit as a strategic partner, Terranor will have a complete and modern all-cloud IT-environment which will support the business and build a solid foundation for new opportunities going forward, says Managing Director of Visolit Sweden, Johan Ripe.

Visolit will build a secure All-Cloud solution with Microsoft 365, Teams, Sharepoint and e-mail, as well as Managed Client Solution. The three-year agreement also includes a solution built on Software Defined-technique (SD-WAN) for internet access to 25 locations across Sweden and Finland, WiFi- and LAN-services, leasing of PC hardware and ServiceDesk.

-We are fully engaged into writing our own Terranor history now, and that includes a fully independent and forward-looking IT-infrastructure. We chose Visolit because we needed a strategic partner, and an innovative, cloud-based solution covering all our business areas in both Sweden and Finland. Visolit is a future-oriented partner that understands our needs and offers a flexible and customized solution, says David Margula, CEO of Terranor.

– The pre-phase did not follow a traditional project method, instead both companies worked in an agile manner to optimize success. Doing business with Visolit has been a rewarding and also efficient process for us, says David Margula in Terranor.

-We are proud doing business with Terranor, and as their first base within IT and cloud in Sweden, we have earned Terranor`s confidence.
We are now establishing the services that enables Terranor to readily scale up as they continue their growth journey, says Johan Ripe

About Terranor Group
Terranor Group has approximately 200 employees across Sweden and Finland, and a revenue of over 1 BSEK. Terranor is established all over Sweden and Finland, and are experts on road operations and maintenance, as well as ground construction work. Terranors customer base consists of the Swedish Transportation Administration and Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency, Finnish Transport Authorities (Name to be doublechecked by David) , municipalities, private road associations and private corporations.

About Visolit
Visolit is a fast-growing technology group with a strong geographic presence in the Nordic region, and a profound position as a partner for cloud services and digital transformation in the Nordic market. Visolit has a comprehensive portfolio of cloud-based end-to-end services, as well as consulting, security, and integration services. Read more on www.visolit.net

Contact information
Managing Director Visolit Sweden AB, Johan Ripe
Tel: +46 73 85 58 908
E-mail: Johan.ripe@visolit.se

CEO of Terranor, David Margula
Tel: +49 151 4021 1978
E-mail: david.margula@mutares.com