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Visolit is a leader in customer satisfaction

Visolit is a leader in creating operational, tactical and strategic advantages for its customers during the special year of 2020, according to the Swedish research agency Radar's large IT-supplier survey.

 More than 1,000 Swedish companies have evaluated their suppliers in Sweden's largest quantitative survey of IT decision - makers on areas like customer satisfaction and customer value. The five companies in the category "leading" are those that differ significantly from the average in customer value and high customer satisfaction.

-The special year of 2020 led to a strong demand for cloud-based and user-friendly services, and I am very proud that Visolit receives a good rating from customers. We work hard for each customer to experience that we understand their business and their goals, and that we have a strong relationship, says Managing Director Johan Ripe of Visolit Sweden.

In a time where many companies have had large numbers of employees working from home, functioning services and a good service desk have been crucial.

- Our customer teams are close to the customer, and know where «the shoe pinches”. With high competence and commitment to customers' opportunities and challenges, Visolit is a strategic knowledge partner for our customers. Our place on the list of leading companies is just one step on a path for Visolit, and our goal is clear: We will work hard to continue to deliver value to our customers, and are proud that so many customers renew their confidence with us, says Managing Director in Visolit Sweden, Johan Ripe.

- The results from Radar Supplier Quality 2020 shows that when customer proximity, partnership and value are in focus, major changes occur in the relationship between customer and supplier. Agility, consideration and customer proximity are valued by customers, in a year where many have been forced to focus on profitability, says CEO of Radar, Hans Werner.