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Partnerships for the goals

As a responsible business, Visolit partakes in active partnerships and dialogues with relevant authorities and organisations, both locally, regionally, and nationally. This is also in accordance with the sustainable goal of partaking in partnerships to achieve the goals, as well as aligning with our core values embrace knowledge, achieve together and empower change. 


Partnerships for the goals



We are committed to being part of the global effort to create a sustainable world, an effort in which we must all take part if we are to reach targets set in Agenda 2030.

Visolit is committed to making sustainability a part of our strategy, culture, and day-to-day operations. Visolit takes into account the economic, social and ecological aspects of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and has structured the sustainability goals into three levels, namely biosphere, society and economy. We have made Partnership for the goals a priority for three main reasons: It is a necessary way of working to reach other important sustainability goals, it is an integral part of our strategy and it is also in line with our core value of achieving together. 

Continuing our efforts as a responsible business, Visolit partakes in active partnerships and dialogues with relevant authorities, both locally, regionally, and nationally. We remain committed to partnerships as an important way to create a more sustainable world. Examples of our efforts can be read in our communication of progress to the United Nations.  

In Norway, we are represented in the IT-sectors organisation, IKT- Norge, through representation in the board, as well as participation in the Sustainability network and Competency network. In Sweden, we are participating in The Competency Network as well as the Sustainability Network of the Swedish IT-organisation IT& Telekomföretagen.

Visolit actively cooperates with the local Asker municipality, both as a consequence of our main office being located in Asker, but also because Asker is recognized as a frontrunner in active dialogues with the businesses and as an active municipality regarding incorporating sustainability in planning and strategies.

participates through both dialogue meetings with the municipality, as well as providing input to society plans and business plans for the coming years.

Cyber criminals are increasingly exploiting existing vulnerabilities in all organizations. An increasing proportion of the activities that threaten critical national interests are also taking place in cyberspace, which is why Visolit are active dialogue with relevant national security organisations in, such as National Security Agencies in Norway and Sweden.


Global Compact

Endorser-Logo_solid_blue_RGBVisolit is a member of the Global Compact Network. 

Sustainability Goals in Visolit

We have identified company impact on eight of the sustainability goals: 

Sustainable Goals

Visolit aims to be the leading Nordic provider of Cloud Solutions to small and medium sized businesses. Our vision is: “Your vision is our mission” - and we strive to understand our customers vision to empower our customer`s transformation. We are the customer's knowledge partner, and our motto is "Every challenge needs a partner". Our values also play an important role in how we run our business, and guide our sustainability approach: Embrace knowledge, Achieve together and Empower Change.