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Smarter Workplace

Always on Device

Always on,
always updated

Trust software and application updates to Visolit, worry less and let your employees work seamlessly anywhere at anytime.

"Always on" is about making it easier for your business to accomplish miracles, by allowing your employees to work seamlessly with any access they need at any time. It is about systems that are always available to respond to the requests your employees may have and devices that are always up to date.

Freedom to choose your preferred device

With the right tools, half the job is already done. That is why you get the freedom to choose the device or the units that make the best possible workday for your employees.

User centric technology

With "Always on" you always get updated devices regardless of which device you choose. Does IT users in your business prefer to work on tablets, PCs, Macs or mobile phones when working on the go?

Always on Device service means your employees can choose between Macs, desktops, and laptops, as well as all types of smartphones and tablets based on Microsoft, IOS and Android.

Benefits of Always on Device

Out-of-Box Experience
With Visolit Always on Device, you are assured that your business staff will have a good experience with their work tools - whether it is computers or mobile devices.

Profitable and environmentally friendly
Our consultants help your business exploit, dispose and recycle computer equipment - saving you both money and the environment.

Maximum security
Regular updating is essential for increased security and compatibility. Of course, we take full responsibility, so that you are always assured that your employees have software that is tested against their solutions.

Quote from customer: 
“We have good experiences with little downtime and stable operation on the delivery. Predictability for the IT park and use is important to us. At the same time, we want the used equipment to be handled in a good and environmentally conscious manner.” – Helge Bjørkhaug, chief of IT in Jensen & Co
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