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Vision and values


Your vision is our mission.

Our vision is to understand what each customer would like to achieve. Only then we can create the functional and strategic entirety that is required for technology to be the power that drives your business forward.

To deliver sound advice and services, we have to know our customers on a deeper level. We have to understand what their vision is, their ambitions and what challenges they face today and in the future.

We live in a time of great change. These changes are driven by technology. For our customers, we want to be a partner that will both ensure a stable operation of IT-services and a strategic partner that offers advice on how to seize the future opportunities – both in IT operations, cloud services, security, and digitalisation.

In an increasingly complex world, our IT experts act as conductors, ensuring that all systems and needs play together. We are both a reliable partner in secure IT operations and the foremost advisor for new business opportunities. We help our customers see opportunities.

Our values are a part of everything we do, both in our own organization and towards customers. It is both demanding and fun! To keep the values living, "Embrace Knowledge", "Achieve Together" and "Empower Change" are part of our daily speech.


Delivery of IT-Services with Information Security, Quality and Environmental Sustainability in all activities, and act according to legislation and contracts.
- Safeguarding confidentiality, integrity and availability of customer and personal information.
- Manage processes with continual improvement to enhance customer satisfaction and company profits.
- Manage and reduce environmental impact.



Visolit's employees, customers, suppliers, and others can use our whistleblowing process to prevent and identify any illegal and/or unethical violations of company policies/rules, national laws, regulations, or threat to public interest/national security, fraud and corruption. Any concerns shall be addressed to our company attorney. The whistleblower can, if requested, remain anonymous.

Visolit's attorney:
Advokat Jon Schultz
Mobile: (+47) 91 70 75 00
Email: js@advokatsenteret.no

Address: PB 323, N-1301 Sandvika


Visolit has chosen to use ISO 9001/27001/14001 as a standard for its management systems. This management system is continuously revised and certified by DNV GL. 







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